History of the United States download dree

History of the United States download free

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The Teaching Company: History of the United States by Patrick N. Allitt
Publisher: The Teaching Company; 2nd edition (2003) | ISBN: 1565857615 | Language English | Audio CD in MP3 | 1.3 GB
This 84-lecture series features three top professors sharing insights into this nation’s past, from European settlement and Revolutionary War through Civil War, 19th-century industrialization, world wars, and today.
Living Bravely Spain, France, the Netherlands Gentlemen in the Wilderness Radicals Traders An Economy of Slaves Printers, Painters, Preachers Great Awakening Great War for Empire Rejection of Empire American Revolution: Politics People Howe's War Washington's War Creating the Constitution Hamilton's Republic Republicans Federalists Adams Liberty Jeffersonian Reaction Territory Treason Agrarian Republic War of 1812 "American System" A Nation Announcing Itself National Republican Follies 2nd Great Awakening Dark Satanic Mills Military Chieftain Politics of Distrust Monster Bank Whigs Democrats American Romanticism Age of Reform Southern Society the Defense of Slavery Whose Manifest Destiny? Mexican War Great Compromise Sectional Tensions Escalate Drifting Toward Disaster Coming of War 1st Year of Fighting Shifting Tides of Battle Diplomatic Clashes Sustaining the War Politics Economies African Americans in Wartime Union Drive to Victory Presidential Reconstruction Congress Takes Command Reconstruction Ends Industrialization Transcontinental Railroads Last Indian Wars Farming the Great Plains African Americans after Reconstruction Men Women Religion in Victorian America Populists New Immigration City Life Labor Capital T. Roosevelt Progressivism Mass Production WW I: Road to Intervention Versailles Wilson's Gamb
it 1920s Crash the Great Depression New Deal WW II: Road to Pearl Harbor European Theater Pacific Theater Cold War Korean War McCarthyism Affluent Society Civil Rights Movement New Frontier Great Society Rise of Mass Media Vietnam War Women's Movement Nixon Watergate Environmentalism Religion in 20th-Century America Carter the Reagan Revolution New World Order Clinton's America the Millennium Reflections

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